Directed by Charles Jones, written by Chad Quinn, produced by Dale Stelly, DoP Dana Rice



About the movie

L ogline: A couple gets caught in the middle of a crossfire between masked men arguing between justice and “tradition.”
Perception is a short film that takes a raw and honest look into the heartbeat of our society’s ongoing battle between law enforcement and in large part, black America. The number of young black males killed by U.S. police is at the highest point ever in our country’s history. Despite making up only 2% of the total US population, African American males between the ages of 15 and 34 comprised more than 15% of all deaths logged this year by an ongoing investigation into the use of deadly force by police. Their rate of police-involved deaths was five times higher than for white men of the same age. As opposed to simply regurgitating more statistics and charts, the creators of Perception felt it their duty and obligation to bring a very uncomfortable light to such a dark sore in our culture. Perception doesn’t just highlight the problem, this film looks to spark conversation, action and change. Yes, art imitates life, but Perception looks to use this art to influence new direction

D irected by Charles Jones, written by Chad Quinn, produced by Dale Stelly, DoP Dana Rice - featuring Charles Malik Whitfield, Malinda Williams, Omarr Salgado, Vida Guerra, Fernando Chien, Alimi Ballard, Wendy Davis, Terrell Tilford, Edward Fordham, CIsco Reyes and Nelcie Souffrant.

The Team

D irector Charles Jones, Born and raised in Harlem, New York City, Charles is a Navy veteran of 4 1/2 years, and became an IT professional in civilian life. Needing to fulfill his creative ambitions, Charles became a successful music producer and recording studio owner, and in 2002, after 12 years, Charles switched lanes and embarked on a career in film and video production. After starting out as an editor, his skills at storytelling propelled him to learn the arts of cinematography, producing, and then directing. Today, Charles is the owner/operator of a "boutique" production company, Frontline Productions. His client list includes several independent performing artists as well as Black Entertainment Television (BET), Sy-Fy Channel, Kodak Film, Open Society Foundation, NYC Media, The Outfit Media Group, and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals to name a few. The Director of Photography (DP) for two documentary features, Charles has also directed/edited/DP'd several narrative shorts, PSA's and music videos. An award winning DP/Editor & Director, Charles' film projects have aired on network television and have also competed in film festivals around the world. Autistic Like Me: A Fathers Perspective, is Charles' documentary feature directing debut.

A native of New Jersey, Chad attended Temple University where he obtained a degree in marketing and business law. He then went on to pursue his law degree at Howard University School of Law. During his studies at Howard, Chad realized that the experience only renewed his passion for writing. After 10 plus years in corporate America, he decided to put all his efforts into his craft. With no formal training Chad has managed to place as a finalist in multiple film festivals, from HBO's Project Greenlight to the American Black Film Festival's TVOne screenplay competition. Along with a screenplay he recently optioned with a major network, Mr. Quinn is shopping a few other projects as well. This filmmaker is also the co-founder of Drop 80 Productions, his own film production company and media outlet.

O marr Salgado, Chief Executive Officer is the founder of Grown Man Sport “GMS” & NuSwing Entertainment Inc. Additionally, he is a long-time music lover, artist and producer who is seasoned as an artist, writer and talent scout dating back for over 20 years. His first experience in the music industry was with his great grandfather Juan Salgado down to his father, well known Latin Pianist from the 1960’s, Yeyo Salgado of the Grammy nominated New Swing Sextet.

Additionally, Mr. Salgado also launched a film component to GMS / NuSwing, as of October 2013 with a short film entitled “A Tie Never Broken” written by myself Omarr Salgado D/P and directed by Charles Jones. A Tie Never Broken is a short film about a father showing his son how to deal with frustration. Although it deals with something as simple as tying a tie knot, its learning how to deal with those smaller issues that will make a child more equipped to deal with those grater issues when he becomes a man. It was entered in President Barack Obama’s 2013 “This is Fatherhood” contest and made it to the finals. In addition to “A Tie Never Broken” Omarr also embarked in another film project the award winning short “Two Days in Harlem” in which he was both executive producer and lead actor.

M r. Ballard’s credits are extensive and tell the tale of a seasoned performer. His presence has been felt on television, stage and screen. Alimi can be seen as FUSCO alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson & Vin Diesel in UNIVERSAL’S #1 worldwide blockbuster Fast and Furious Franchise FAST FIVE. Also be sure to catch his recurring arc as Gayne Levin on televisions's #1 drama NCIS. Ballard is possibly best known for his portrayal of Special Agent David Sinclair on Tony and Ridley Scott’s highly successful CBS crime drama NUMB3RS, for 6 seasons. Previously he starred with Jessica Alba as Herbal Thought in James Cameron’s cult favorite DARK ANGEL. Alimi is also one of the stars of Shonda Rimes new series, The Catch. His energy is electric and the passion he truly lives for change, growth and mentorship is contagious.

M alinda, Alimi and Malik are just a few of the highlights of this all-star studded cast. The great thing about this crop of talent is the shared commitment to being a part of a project that will be instrumental in the demand for change with our current system of injustice. And the same can be said for the crew that brought this project together. From Charles’s thoughtful and groundbreaking documentary Austic Like Me, to the social conscious Two Days in Harlem, no one associated with this film is in the business of simply glorifying themselves. Our young men are dying, and this epidemic of killing the unarmed is disproportionately affecting black people. The ability to work in this industry is truly a gift, one none of these artists take lightly. They understand they have a social responsibility to make work that truly reflects the times we live in, and more importantly, create a forum for change.